A Message From Pastor Greg…     

MAY 2023

In the weeks following Easter Sunday, we hear story after story about how those who were closest to Jesus fail to recognize him among them. Whether in the locked room, traveling on a dusty road, having breakfast on the beach, they just can’t seem to see their friend in those   unlikely places. In their defense, Jesus does seem to be playing a bit of hide and seek with them. When they finally do recognize him, he vanishes!

In an odd way, I find it rather comforting that even the disciples found it challenging to recognize God among them. Perhaps they, like we, fail to see God among us because of the manner in which we expect God to appear—in trumpet blasts and Hollywood-like choreography. But instead, we have a God who was born in a stall to unwed parents, who worked as an itinerant preacher, irritated the powers that be with a message of inclusive love, and was executed as a common criminal.

So it seems that we are most likely to find God in the places we wouldn’t expect. And perhaps when we are feeling God’s absence is when we should really be on the lookout for God’s presence.

Blessings, Pastor Greg