Lectionary Readings & Worship Schedule      

Virtual Worship on Zoom

                                      Feb 7 t– Fifth Sunday after Epiphany

 9:50 AM Fellowship time on Zoom     10:00 AM Worship Service

       Matthew 1:29-39

Feb 14 – Transfiguration Sunday 

9:50 AM Fellowship time on Zoom   10:00 AM Worship Service

Mark 9:2-9

Feb 17 – Ash Wednesday

7:00 PM – Ash Wednesday Service (In-person/Zoom to be announced)

Matthew 6:1-6, 16-21

Please join us for this special service.  We will announce before that date if it will be online or β€œin person with Covid-19 protocols.” 

Feb 21  – First Sunday in Lent

10:00 AM Worship Service (In-person/Zoom to be announced)

Mark 1:9-15

Feb 28 – Second Sunday in Lent

10:00 AM Worship Service (In-person/Zoom to be announced)

Mark 8:31-38


****Special message about in person worship Guidelines***
1.)  Make reservations for attending worship the Monday – Thursday 8:00 am to 12:00 noon prior to the Sunday worship by  
       phoning (630)766-1141 Robin at the church office. Please list full names of all in the reservation. We will believe that your 
       whole party can sit together unless you say otherwise.
2.)  On the Sunday morning, bring your personal protection mask (disposable or cloth) and offering – planning to arrive at the
       church no later than 9:45 am.  We will have hand sanitizer for each person for entry into the church.
3.)  Put on your mask as soon as you arrive at the church property.
4.)  Please park your car as usual, but maintain a six-foot distance from any other people.
5.)  The Great Hall door on Center St. will be the only entrance.
6.)  Upon entrance, ushers will take the temperature of each person (admitted if 99.5 degrees Fahrenheit or below), take
       attendance, remind each person to use hand sanitizer, and then seat each party in their reserved place in the pews. As you 
       enter, offering plates will be on stands on either side of the sanctuary doors – please leave your offering in the plates.          
7.)  When seated, please remain in your seat. Elizabeth has cleaned (and will continue to clean after each worship service) all
       the pews with disinfectant and vacuum the pew pads. No Bible or hymnal will be in the pews.
8.)  Only the two restrooms in the Great Hall will be available for use. Please observe the protocol for washing hands listed in
       each restroom. No other church rooms will be open.
9.)  When the worship service has ended, please stay in your seat until asked by an usher to exit the sanctuary. Please follow
        the six-foot distancing protocol, exit through the Narthex door.

E-Giving at Faith Community

We have an exciting new way of giving at Faith Community. You can now set up your offerings to be made directly to the church from your checking or savings account, eliminating the need to write a check. Offerings can be made at any time and to whatever ministry of the church that you choose (i.e., General Fund, Building Fund, Christmas, Easter, church missions). You can set up your offerings weekly, monthly, or at any interval you choose. You can set up an account today by clicking here.
Our partner in e-giving is Vanco Services. Vanco is the financial technology company that has been chosen by the United Church of Christ. It provides secure electronic giving to more than 10,000 churches. Your information provided to Vanco Services is safe and is kept strictly confidential.
Vanco is integrated with our church software, and your offerings are automatically recorded in your giving record. It eliminates the need for our church office to manually record your offerings.
If you have any questions, please call the church office at 630-766-1141